We’re Yotpo SMSBump and we help eCommerce stores make sales and boost customer loyalty through SMS marketing. For the last 5 years, we’ve been able to work together with over 94,000 online businesses globally, including some popular brands such as IKEA, Patagonia, Everlast and more. Our service is fully native to some of the largest eCommerce platforms, including Shopify and BigCommerce, and integrates with many other industry-leading platforms and applications. 


In 2020 we joined the global family of Yotpo - an eCommerce marketing platform for reviews, user-generated content, loyalty and referrals. Today, our team of over 1000 people is located across 4 continents and 5 strategic locations, including the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel and Bulgaria. 


In 2021 we reached a unicorn status, after raising over $176M which helped us strengthen our products, give them a greater competitive edge and enable eCommerce stores to manage their entire marketing from a single location.

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Culture and perks
Be a Doer, Take Action
At SMSBump you will not find a typical corporate job. We want doers and people with strong incentive to deliver. Over-reporting, bossing around and slacking is not in our DNA. We will not be able to hold your hand but will help you learn how to fly on your own.
Learning, sharing and caring
The SMSBump team is an incredible mixture of seasoned professionals with years of experience and expertise, ready to pass it forward, and self-starters with passion and desire to learn from their peers, but also contribute with fresh ideas and a different point of view. We learn from one another and that’s what helps us progress and exceed our goals.
Be humble
We do awesome stuff and are really proud of it. Still, we don't let our ego overshadow our capabilities. We’re always there to support each other in being the best versions of ourselves.
Start up. Grow up.
We define SMSBump as a “startup with a twist” - you get all the benefits of a large company and all the freedoms of a dynamic startup. You’ll enjoy a friendly environment based on open communication - we don’t believe in holding stuff back! We are open to criticism (and compliments alike) and expect the same in return. After all - it’s how we grow!
We also know how to relax
Work - fun balance is important and has proven to increase productivity. That’s why at least twice a year we organize team buildings, where we just enjoy each other’s company, play games and unwind. P.S. If you need evidence, we can send you pics from our team buildings!
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