Abrites is a Bulgarian IT company, founded in 2005, specialising in the development of comprehensive software and hardware solutions for the automotive industry. Our talents have the freedom to create products and enjoy their achievements together.

Abrites is a product leader which overcomes technological constraints and creates innovative solutions. The products allow general diagnostics of cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, heavy duty vehicles, as well as procedures that are inaccessible or insufficiently developed by the original equipment manufacturer. Abrites offers an ecosystem of hardware and software that allows a wide range of vehicle-related activities, such as diagnostics, key programming, module adaptation and neutralisation, engine control unit programming, various coding, and access to fine-tuning.

The passion for excellence, customer success, agility, creativity, and innovation are part of our identity. They are key factors for the widespread success of the Abrites products in over 110 countries on 6 continents.

The company has offices and production facilities in Bulgaria, France, and Italy. The company is a regular participant in some of the most prestigious international exhibitions and forums. Abrites is also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria. 

We believe that by building a team of talents motivated to succeed together, we can achieve the impossible.

Sofia, Bulgaria
Varna, Bulgaria
Paris, France
30015 Chioggia, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy
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Premium Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment and Software

The Abrites ecosystem is based on the AVDI (Abrites Vehicle Diagnostic Interface) - a powerful tool, unrivalled among the aftermarket and even Original Equipment Manufacturer tools. AVDI is the hardware developed to support hundreds of diagnostic and customisation options, which cater to the automotive professional’s needs. 

AVDI is always evolving, covering nearly 100 % of the vehicle brands on the market, offering complete diagnostic and programming solutions. 

Fleet Management Reimagined

Our latest project in development is CARMON - an innovative fleet management system. CARMON allows access to real-time information, regarding the fleet of vehicles, ensuring prevention, strict control and safety. CARMON helps reduce cost and downtime, at the same time allowing management to make data-driven decisions resulting in maximum optimisation of resources. 

This project is immensely important to our team, since it is challenging, and at the same time a needed and practical tool for our potential clients.

Diagnostics in Motion

True to our passion for innovation, we have also launched another project, which is aimed at satisfying the automotive enthusiasts. The Mobile Diagnostics interface, MODI, is the ultimate handheld vehicle diagnostic tool, providing detailed information on vehicle live data, diagnostic trouble codes and modules. Moreover, MODI allows access to a vast array of customisation options. All that in the palm of your hand, operating with a designated smartphone app. 

We love that we have finally turned to our fellow men, the petrolheads, who love their cars and want to understand them better.

2013, Icup Bulgaria, award in the True Leader category
2015, BID /Business Initative Directions/, Star for quality award
2016, Confederation of employers and industrialists in Bulgaria (KRIB) – Quality, Growth and Innovation Awards – holder of the main prize in the “Growth” category
2017, “Honorary award for innovative business” award” – awarded by the Convent of cultural and scientific community in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian cultural and scientific elite club and the manager of Abrites Ltd was awarded with an honorary status “Ambassador of the innovative business”
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Culture and perks
Freedom to create products
We encourage our employees to successfully explore, experiment, overcome challenges, to learn and create products from A to Z. Participation in every stage of product development, freedom in decision-making and customer satisfaction, brings us a sense of accomplishment and success. And as we know, the feeling of success is what keeps the fire burning in us and makes us strive to achieve the impossible.
Learning & Growth
We believe that one of the most important things for personal, professional and business development is the striving for continuous improvement and lifelong learning. In order to encourage the sharing of knowledge, skills and professional experience, we conduct a lot of trainings as part of our very own Abrites Academy every month, where we learn from the best professionals among us.
Friendly & Supportive work environment
We know that we are stronger together and we build a team of professionals and like-minded people. We create an environment in which people are free to express their opinions, share ideas and find support and trust in their implementation.
Mission and vision
We work hard to achieve our common goals, because we all know and support the direction in which we are going, and the way we want to get there.
Corporate & Teambuilding Events
In addition to working together, we know how to have fun together. At Abrites we have some of the funniest and most exciting team buildings and periodically organize in-house events for our employees.
Abrites Wellbeing Program
Our people are important for us and we take care of them. With enthusiasm and creativity, we have created and we are proud of our Abrites Wellbeing Program.
Passion for Excellence
We create and offer better solutions before everybody else. We achieve our goals and proactively adapt new development trends, implementing suitable solutions. We realise our responsibility and input for success.
Creativity and Innovation
We perceive challenges as opportunities. We have bold ideas, we experiment and never stop learning. We search and find new directions and create working solutions, with which we overcome all existing limitations and surpass traditional practices.
We embrace new ideas, we work with confidence and agility in order to achieve success. We communicate openly to find and realise common solutions. We manage our freedom well, we support positive atmosphere in the team. We work smart, not hard.
Winning Team
We work effectively in a team to achieve common goals; we build an environment of respect, support, cooperation and trust, we respect the different points of view, ideas and individual contribution of everyone in the team.
Customer success
We know the real needs of our clients and adhere to high ethical standards in customer relations; we gain their trust and loyalty by providing them with convenience, individual approach and support; we strive to continuously improve the quality of service.
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