Make Talent Come to You

Noble Hire is a referral-based job board connecting world’s most promising tech talent with cutting-edge product companies.

Reinventing Traditional Hiring

Employer Branding

Tech companies invest huge amounts in various types of office perks, benefits and employee experiences and yet most of them fail to communicate this properly. Until now.

Job Ads 2.0

Get a deeper dive into your future role, the project you’d be working on, their work methodology and tech stack, even see the person you’d be reporting to.

The Power of Referrals

Leverage not only your internal referral network but also our external one, comprising of top industry experts, people managers, entrepreneurs, investors, freelance recruiters and HRs. Whoever finds the talent gets the reward.

Pay per Hire

Unlike most job boards that charge you per job ad, here you’d be charged only if results were delivered.

Referral Reputation

Have a full transparency on the referral history of each referrer

Money Back Guarantee

If for some reason the referral quits or is been fired in the first 3 months the company gets their money back.


Georgi Ivanov

Founder & CEO

Kaloian Toshev

Founder & Head of UX & Design

Lubomir Shishkov

Founder & COO

Nickolay Andonov

Co-founder & Product Owner

Vladimir Tsvetkov


Nya Kotseva

Head of Marketing

Nick Zviadadze

Growth Marketer

Bozhidar Bozhanov

Head of Blockchain Tech

Anton Gerunov

Data Protection & Token Economy


Bogomil Balkansky

Ex VP @ Google

Dimitre Taslakov

Chief Talent Officer @ Progress

Vanina Ivanova

Community Manager @AdEx

Vassil Terziev

Founder @Telerik, Founder @Campus X, Partner @Eleven

Dilyan Dimitrov

Founder @ The House

Ivo Georgiev

Co-founder @ AdEx

Lino Velev

Managing Partner @ Source Institute

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