Ambire is an innovative company developing a new-generation, open source advertising platform. We’re building solutions for a better, cleaner web.

We’re a group of quirky people who all share a passion for problem-solving, clean code, and sleek software.

We enjoy working together and we have so much chemistry, we could probably open a meth lab.

Sofia, Bulgaria11-502017
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Culture and perks
Attending conferences and industry events
We encourage our team members to attend conferences, seminars and other events all over the world that would boost their skills – and we pay for this.
Trainings and mini hacking sessions
We get together at least once a month for a small training on a topic someone has requested, or simply have a mini-hackathon for the team to make sure we stay sharp and learn new skills.
Game nights (and days)
We have a collection of game consoles and board games and organize a quick game session every time we need a break, or we feel we haven’t spent enough time with our teammates.
YouTube fail videos sessions
This is just something silly we do to unwind and have a laugh.
Team buildings, dinners, and outings
We often treat the team to a dinner, a bar hopping night, a night at the movies. Occasionally we’d organize bigger events like SPA weekends or ski trips.
Miscellaneous events
We always keep our ears to the ground for fun events to take part in. Last year, for example, we built a soapbox and rode in the Red Bull Soapbox Race.
We value thinkers who forget where they left the box so they think out of it.
Commitment & perseverance
Once we start a project, we commit (pun intended). We don’t give up.
Curiosity & boldness
We are curious about any concept or assumption – and bold enough to explore it.
Respect & loyalty
We respect and appreciate each other and all the quirks we bring to the table.
Spirit of adventure
We seek. We explore. We dive into the unknown.
We work on projects that inspire us. Our friends are sick and tired of hearing about our work.
We focus on the end game. We deliver results.
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