Arcanys is a Swiss software development outsourcing company with a delivery center in Cebu City, Philippines. Our focus is in the development and implementation of great and innovative ideas into smart software solutions for enterprises and startups.

We help our clients from the design of the specifications to the release of a software project with on-demand teams of specialists at any phase of a project.

Note: We are registered on this website as an entity from another country but we are opening a Bulgarian entity in June 2022. We are looking at hiring people who will be employed locally by that company.

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines2002010

Clutch - Top Software Developers 2021
Clutch - Top B2B Companies 2021
Glassdoor - 5 Star Rating
Culture and perks
Top compensation based on expertise
– we are only looking for top talent and pay accordingly.
Fully remote work set-up
With work from home allowances - we let you work from the comfort of your home + amazing allowances you get to enjoy!
Flexible working schedule
-You can choose your working hours (within reason).
Flat management style and open-door policy
-no to micromanagement and your voice is being heard!
Work with the latest technologies
-you can hone your skills and work with Australian and European clients + a chance to earn more through our self-training program.
Autonomy and empowerment
We just care about finding great people and giving them the freedom to succeed (flat management company, no micromanagement, no politics)
Only take great projects, Employees before Clients
We turn down 98% of the clients who want to work for us, only to pick the ones with a good structure for growth. Our #1 job is to support you and make sure you are well taken care of. Happy clients is our #2 priority.
Work with capable technical leaders
We make sure all projects have architects and technical leaders with extensive experience so you can continuously grow and learn.
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