Hire quality tech talent in Bulgaria, fast.

Noble Hire is a new type of job board. We showcase your company strengths and job positions in an engaging way that converts more talents into applications.

Our large network of referrers gives you access to quality tech talent that is hard to reach.

70%+ employers worldwide have trouble finding high-skilled workers

Hiring tech talents is...

  • Expensive

    A tech hire, on average, can cost anything between 5,000 to 20,000 BGN
  • Time-Consuming

    It can take you up to 6 months to find the right tech talent
  • High-Effort

    Most companies today use 5+ different hiring sources, including internal teams & external staffing agencies
But we can change that!

Take your hiring to the next level.

Noble Hire is an innovative job board that gives you access to:

  • Direct Applicants

    Interested tech candidates from our large pool of Noble Hire users directly applying to your company.
  • Referred Applicants

    All Noble Hire users can refer talents to your open positions and get a referral bonus from our fee for every successful hire.
  • Employer Branding

    Your Noble Hire company profile highlights your company strengths and culture, providing potential candidates with insights about the company.
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Maximize Your Reach with the Noble Network

When you create a job ad on Noble Hire, your reach isn’t only limited to job-seekers. For each open position, we announce a bounty – whoever helps find the right talent wins a referral bonus. Our network of referrers includes professionals from different fields, such as…

  • Experienced Recruiters

  • Domain Experts

  • Company Founders

  • Influencers

Noble Hire referrers are some of the most well-connected professionals in Sofia…

Janet TodorovaJanet TodorovaCo-Founder at React.NotAConf, Expansion Manager at Founder Institute, Speaker Relations at DigitalK
Alexander KitovAlexander KitovCo-Founder at Perpetto, Co-founder at betahaus | Sofia, Product Manager Crypto at Paysafe
Stefania PopovaStefania PopovaIT Recruiter
Company profile on NobleHire

Re-Create Your Company Brand

To really source the best talent, you want to stand out. Noble Profile framework allows you to really express what your company is all about. Some of the profile highlights include…

  • Company Benefits

  • Office Pictures & Perks

  • Product & Service

  • ...And many more

Find the right candidates

With Job Ad 2.0, you can convey what any open position is all about. Some of the page sections include…:

  • Project Details

  • Team Lead

  • Core Requirements

The new job ad format allows you to attract candidates that are really interested in the position, and not just spamming their CV.

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Only the TOP talent, straight to your inbox

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Want to declutter your hiring pipeline? We only send you relevant candidates for every position, allowing you to hire both better & faster.

With Noble Hire we aim to give greater visibility to companies adding true value to the society and our planet. Companies which are places people would want to work in and where they would feel appreciated and inspired. We support a wide variety of companies ranging from small startups to big established organisations, as well as companies in different industries.

mportant factors to us for the companies we partner with are: – having a healthy organisational culture promoting growth, wellbeing and collaboration – interesting product or service that adds real value to society or our planet

We give our best not to promote harmful industries such as defence, gambling, tobacco, etc, but if you’re in this space in a positive way, please let us know.

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