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LimeChain Cover Image
LimeChain is amongst the key players when it comes to providing DLT & Blockchain solutions, focusing exclusively on the technology. The company was named several times as one of the leaders in the ...
Jarvis Cover Image
Jarvis is building non-custodial applications & protocols for the decentralized finance. We're developing a smart-contract wallet to easily onboard users & help grow their digital wealth; a platform.. Cover Image provides a unified SaaS platform for social media listening, advertising, engaging, publishing, and analytics. We enable our clients to explore the full potential of digital marketing by ...
Scaleforce Cover Image
Scaleforce offers a full platform of sales, customer service, CRM and billing software plus the methodology, resources and support to help businesses grow better. We're part of a group of Bulgarian...
Westernacher Cover Image
Founded in 1969, Westernacher provides global business and SAP consulting, serving medium to large sized enterprises striving for innovation, operational excellence and profitable, sustainable growth.
TINQIN Cover Image
Based in Sofia with a representative office in Paris, TINQIN is a software and service-oriented company dedicated to providing innovative solutions to meet a wide range of business needs, mainly in...
ZigiWave Cover Image
ZigiWave is a software development company focused on innovation. We deliver world-class software solutions to the largest Enterprise organizations in the world. To find our true calling and develop..
ForkPoint Cover Image
We are ForkPoint. We develop e-commerce products, solutions, and integrations for the world’s leading brands. We thrive in a dynamic, fast-growing sector, facing the challenges of working with top ...
Technofy Cover Image
Pure player bringing certified AWS experts in the DevOps game...
foryouandyourcustomers Cover Image
At foryouandyourcustomers we support customers with expertise in all aspects of digital change. In small teams of max. 25 employees, foryouandyourcustomers is planning, designing and developing well…
Accedia Cover Image
Accedia is an IT services company specializing in technology consulting and application development for both SMEs and large enterprises worldwide. Every day we build apps that connect businesses and..
DataStork Cover Image
DataStork's mission is Great software in service of people. We believe the only way to produce great work is to love what you do & it's that love that unites us & pushes us to strive to be better ...
Argo Ventures Digital Cover Image
Argo Ventures Digital is an award-winning B2B agency and focused on all kinds of services related to the Sitefinity CMS such as: consulting, training, implementation, SEO, performance analysis, etc...
Transmetrics Cover Image
Transmetrics is a rapidly growing product company, which applies AI and data science for demand forecasting and predictive optimization in the logistics industry. Transmetrics Software-as-a-Service...
Do IT Wise Cover Image
Do IT Wise is an independent consulting company focused on helping our customers thrive on their digital transformation journeys. We combine years of transformational consulting experience with deep..
Monkoni Cover Image
Monkoni was founded in 2014 and its main focus is to offer web services remotely, managed in the client’s native language, at high quality/price ratio. Our team has 10+ years experience in the web ...
Bianor Cover Image
Bianor provides opportunities to work with world’s best tech-heads. Our experts collaborate with some of the most advanced talents from tech, media and defense companies from around the globe. This...
SMSBump Cover Image
SMSBump is Shopify & BigCommerce’s most loved text marketing and automations app. 300+ Shopify Plus clients, 1000+ Shopify Advanced and more than 5000 SMEs use it to fully automate all notification...
DHL Enterprise Software Solutions Cover Image
The Enterprise Software Solutions team of DHL, formed just 2 years ago, is the first & only DHL Freight R&D team in our country. Our autonomous IT Specialists develop & support a new & comprehensive..
Software AG Cover Image
Software AG helps organizations achieve their business objectives faster. The company’s big data, integration and business process technologies enable customers to drive operational efficiency, mod...
OfficeRnD Cover Image
OfficeRnD offloads the boring tasks from the office and community managers, so they can focus on building community and making everyone in the office happier, healthier & more productive. We started..
ESCREO Cover Image
ESCREO helps people express easily and collaborate more effectively. We transform the office space by helping teams be more productive & creative. We make any wall a whiteboard of a new generation...
Bosch.IO Cover Image
At Bosch Software Innovation, we have been actively developing IoT software for the past 10 years. As part of Robert Bosch, we strive to create solutions for a more connected life. We connect every...
QuarkVR Cover Image
QuarkVR aims to improve the user experience of Virtual & Augmented Reality and to reduce the barrier to entry. The company offers an ultra-fast software solution which provides low-latency compress...
Eden Tech Labs Cover Image
Eden Tech Labs creates profitable mobile apps that people love using. From AR to Object detection & Image recognition - we strive to introduce the best possible technologies to the products we create.
Playtech Cover Image
Playtech is the largest online gaming software supplier. We power some of the biggest names in the industry and we are recognized for the superb quality of our games. Behind our company's success ....
ParagonEX Dynamic Cover Image
ParagonEX Dynamic is an agile solution to small & medium size brokers who require a flexible platform with an easy & cost-effective integration. As ParagonEX subsidiary, it brings another dimension...
ClaimCompass Cover Image
ClaimCompass helps travelers get paid when airlines screw up their flights using tech and data. Our claim processing software is the first of its kind to autonomously manage a claim, interpret and ...
Dronamics Cover Image
DRONAMICS is developing a new type of cargo airplane - the Black Swan. It flies autonomously, can be monitored and managed remotely via satellite, and the whole system costs less than a sports car ...
CXG Cover Image
CXG is not a typical outsourcing company - combine the best from the 2 business models – outsourcing & standard business model. We are constantly looking for talented, highly motivated team players...
Payhawk Cover Image
Payhawk helps small businesses deal with expenses. It is a payment solution that collects, extracts, and reconciles expenses saving your employees time. We enable organizations to do business, not ...
SmartIT Cover Image
SmartIT is a software company for development of proprietary products (financial systems & platforms) and administration of ICT infrastructure with significant experience in Bulgaria and the region...
ScaleFocus Cover Image
ScaleFocus is a technology, R&D and advanced engineering company. We are a core supplier for IT solutions’ implementation & technology consultancy for multiple IT vendors, building industry know-how..
VertoDigital Cover Image
Value-Based Digital Marketing consulting agency for B2B growth-stage companies supported by the leading technology VC funds...
AdEx Cover Image
AdEx Network is an innovative company developing a new-generation, open source advertising platform. We’re building solutions for a better, cleaner web. We’re a group of quirky people who all share…
LogSentinel Cover Image
LogSentinel is a blockchain-inspired information security company helping organizations in the fintech and medical space safeguard their data with no compromise. We are a product company developing...
B EYE Cover Image
B EYE is a fast-growing Bulgarian IT consultancy company which specializes in delivering state-of-the-art Business Intelligence & Modelling & Planning solutions. We partner with the world’s leading...
Axway Cover Image
Since our inception in 2001, Axway have been helping leading brands digitally transform by connecting individuals, systems, businesses, and customer ecosystems with digital infrastructure solutions...
MariaDB Cover Image
Built by the luminaries behind MySQL, MariaDB solutions power both transactional and analytics use-cases, providing enterprises a single, integrated data platform. Covering the range of high speed ...
NaXex Technological Development Cover Image
NaXex Technological Development is a leading software company focused on providing the most advanced technological solutions for the finance and trading industry. With a team of top tech talents....
MentorMate Cover Image
In a nutshell, MentorMate brings software ideas to life. We are a service-oriented tech company with 7 offices across the globe - in the US, Bulgaria & Sweden. With over 1,100 projects completed by...
DevUnit Cover Image
DevUnit is a group of developers that are united by three core principles. Firstly, technical excellence that is never compromised. Second, injecting maximum value into the business process of our..
Experian Cover Image
Experian unlocks the power of data to create opportunities for consumers, businesses and society. We help people to reach life’s big milestones, from buying a home or car to helping a child through...
CNS Cover Image
We're developing the biggest public IT project in Bulgaria. For Sofia. To significantly improve quality of life in the city - the city we share. Our team is building the new ticketing system to turn..
Melon Cover Image
Melon is a software development company based in Bulgaria - our talent spans from web to mobile, backed by a devops department. We are especially good at building teams that match our clients’ and ...
Gameloft Cover Image
Gameloft creates games for all digital platforms with an audience of 157 million monthly users across the whole world. As a leading digital and social game publisher, Gameloft has established itself..
Smule Bulgaria Cover Image
Smule Bulgaria is a subsidiary of Smule Inc. – a leading US based company, specialized in developing social music-making apps for iOS, Android, and Web that bring the world together through music ....
Ship.Cars Cover Image
ShipCars is a SaaS company developing outstanding piece of art software for the auto logistic universe. Our mission is to build a modular shipping platform that empowers carriers and drivers to move..
Clippings Cover Image
Clippings is the all-in-one platform to deliver interior design projects. We’re the next-generation dealer, combining powerful software & dedicated experts, enabling interior designers to discover ...
pCloud Cover Image
At pCloud we redefine the way you can work with your files. We help users from all over the world access photos, sync personal music collections and collaborate on business projects from every device.
Tide Business Banking Cover Image
Tide is the emerging leader in the complete financial management for SMEs in the UK and has been ranked as a Top 100 FinTech. The Tide platform not only offers complete payment solutions & related ...
Akktis Cover Image
AKKTIS is a web development company which 2 entities, one in Paris, with the sales and management team and the other one with the dev team in Sofia. We are doing our own software & we are currently...
Wacom Europe Cover Image
Wacom Europe is the world’s leading provider of Innovative Digital Technologies, sharing 35 years of creativity & technology leadership with its many users, customers and partners. Our products and...
Noble Hire Cover Image
Noble Hire is creating a new way to source talent. Companies can set referral bonuses for their job ads and our network of recruiters, industry experts and business leaders help find the right talent.
Hacker Works Cover Image
We are a small team of aspiring full-stack hackers. We uncover the hacker’s ways to clients and engineers seeking all sorts of innovation or overcoming an industry limitation. We incubate and build...
Coherent Labs Cover Image
Coherent Labs is a deep-technology development tools company. We help hundreds of big and small game studios to create beautiful, immersive, and high-performance user interfaces and improve user exp..
Paysafe Cover Image
Paysafe is a leading global provider of end-to-end payment solutions. Its core purpose is to enable businesses and consumers to connect and transact seamlessly through industry-leading capabilities...
Adcash Cover Image
Adcash is a performance marketing platform that helps advertisers reach worldwide audiences and publishers monetize their web traffic with minimum effort. Our team has been rocking the ad industry...
StorPool Cover Image
StorPool is a Bulgarian company which disrupts the enterprise storage market. Companies which build public/private clouds now use outdated storage technologies to store their data. We believe stori...
Tumba Solutions Cover Image
At Tumba we work together, support each other & advance our clients to the next level of tech excellence. We generate business value, not just for our clients, but for each one of us & the community..
Jiminny Cover Image
Jiminny is a conversation intelligence platform for leading sales & success teams. We capture customer conversations, transcribe and analyse them to uncover actionable insights and help teams win more revenue.
Appzio Cover Image
Appzio is a platform that speeds up the development of custom iOS and Android apps up to 10 times. The applications built with Appzio can connect to any existing systems, they are fully native and …
Axilion Smart Mobility Cover Image
Axilion connect the physical and virtual worlds to enable cities to see and understand as they have never before.
Checkout X Cover Image
Checkout X multiplies e-commerce profits by introducing a better-converting, mobile-ready checkout process, seamless payments, post-purchase upsells, and much more…
ROImonks Cover Image
ROIMonks is a growth agency led by serial entrepreneurs & experienced business professionals. We truly care about delivering growth & the best ROI for our clients. Teamwork, out of the box approach...
Rubber Duck Cover Image
Rubber Duck is an end-to-end, innovative and custom software development company specializing in web design, mobile apps, tailored business platforms, and consumer-facing applications.
PubGalaxy Cover Image
We are a Bulgarian tech company that helps independent website publishers increase their ad revenue and grow their businesses.
NitroPack Cover Image
NitroPack makes websites faster. We offer the most comprehensive website speed optimization service. Our customers and partners say we deliver the highest Google PSI scores they have seen.
SiteGround Cover Image
SiteGround is a leading international web hosting provider with a rapidly growing customer base from all over the world. Founded in Bulgaria, we are one of the leading web hosting providers worldwide.
Proxiad Bulgaria Cover Image
Proxiad Bulgaria is a provider of solutions that cover the whole life cycle of software development and are specifically designed to answer the client’s needs. The company is operating in Bulgaria …
Nexo Cover Image
Nexo is building the world's first crypto bank.
Perspecta Cover Image
We believe in teamwork. We believe in continuous improvement. We believe in quality.
Botron Software Cover Image
Botron provides enterprise organizations of all sizes with the ability to scale, improve, and accelerate their Atlassian experience.
VEDAMO Cover Image
VEDAMO is a rapidly growing and highly innovative company providing an e-learning platform for live tutoring.
We at SEEBURGER attune business partnerships and integrate processes globally and across organizational barriers.
MindHub Cover Image
MindHub is a network of coding schools for kids & teens age 6 up to 18.
Socialfix Media Cover Image
Socialfix Media is a top digital marketing agency based in Central New Jersey with offices in New York & San Francisco. We specialize in custom website design, development, branding, strategy, SEO ...
Via Cover Image
Via is a global company with large offices in New York, Sofia, Tel Aviv, London, Berlin and many other locations.
Propy Cover Image
We are automating the closing process for all participants to make closing faster, easier and more secure...
MarchFirst Cover Image
MarchFirst builds and runs extended customer teams for analytics solutions and enterprise development.
Next IT Services Cover Image
The company develops highly innovative IT solutions for international clients, being active in the field of Real Estate and Construction, including: building design, planning, production, construction and maintenance.
Uber Cover Image
At Uber, we ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion. We take on big problems to help drivers, riders, delivery partners, and eaters get moving in nearly 10,000 cities around the world.
ICB Cover Image
With more than 24 years of experience in developing innovative software solutions, ICB has become a leader in the design, development and support of technologies and processes.
Cognyte Cover Image
Cognyte is a global leader in security analytics software that empowers governments and enterprises with Actionable Intelligence for a safer world.
Next Solutions Cover Image
Next Solutions is a fast-growing software development company specialized in RPA, Digital Transformation, and System Integration.
Katapy Cover Image
Katapy is a leader in Digital Media Distribution with a proprietary end-to-end video platform.
flexiWAN Cover Image
flexiWAN is on a mission to create the second wave of SD-WANs with an open and modular architecture.
Clustermarket Cover Image
Our mission is to create a safe ecosystem that gives scientists, engineers and innovators a tool to access and manage scientific resources in the most effective way to accelerate innovation.
Leanplum Cover Image
Leanplum is a leading multi-channel customer engagement platform, helping over 200 global brands in different industries engage with their customers...
DataArt Cover Image
DataArt is a global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, helping clients take their businesses forward. Recognized for their deep domain expertise &...
Ocado Technology Cover Image
Ocado Technology is putting the world’s retailers online using advanced artificial intelligence, robotics, big data, the cloud and IoT.
PharVision Cover Image
PharVision Capital is aiming to provide superior uncorrelated investment returns to our investors...
Quick Base Cover Image
Quick Base provides a cloud-based platform that empowers problem solvers to quickly turn ideas for better ways to work into apps that make their organizations more efficient.
ST6 Cover Image
ST6 delivers expertise and consulting services in the fields of software development, DevOps, cloud technologies, scalable and sustainable architectures...
CentricSoft Cover Image
CentricSoft helps to accelerate its client's growth by hiring the absolute best artificial intelligence engineers, software developers, product managers, designers, and QA engineers.
Bizportal Cover Image is a global open data and analytics solution provider based in Sofia, Bulgaria operating globally as a data contributor for an array of renowned international clients.
WebDesh Cover Image
WebDesh is a Bulgarian Web Development company with a growing team which creates beautiful websites.
M2M Services Cover Image
M2M Services is a Bulgarian IoT company which provides simple, dependable, and cost-effective hardware and software solutions for the global security and home automation industries.
BULPROS Cover Image
BULPROS is a global digital transformation company, one of the fastest-growing technology organizations.
Gtmhub Cover Image
Gtmhub is data-driven Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) platform, enabling companies to connect strategic priorities and daily execution in order to accelerate growth.