Invite people to join the Noble Hire platform and make 3,000 – 8,000 BGN every time they get hired

IT Companies pay us 6,000 – 16,000 BGN on average per hire.
We share 50% of that with you.

Sending an invite is quick, easy and profitable

Inviting people to Noble Hire is as easy as filling out an email address or copy-pasting a shareable link.

Our platform will do the rest. You don’t need to collect and send CVs, interview people, deal with HRs or stalk strangers on LinkedIn.

How do you make money?

You make money when a person joins Noble Hire through your invite link or personal invite and later applies and gets hired for any job on the platform.

You get 50% of our revenue for the hire and all subsequent hires of the person. The average bonuses you’ll get per hire are in the range of 3,000 – 8,000 BGN.


Any job… Any time… Every time… You get paid!

It doesn’t matter for which job on the platform your referral gets hired.

It doesn’t matter when the talent you’ve invited gets hired (in 3 months, 1 year or 5 years).

It doesn’t matter how many times the person gets hired.

You earn 50% of our revenue for each hire!

Users love us and like to get hired through us

Users just love us. They love our detailed job descriptions. They like our selection of top companies. They know that we care.

You can recommend us without any hesitation.


How do I get started?

You need to have a Noble Hire account. Registration is quick and easy.
Then you can send a personal invite or get an invite link to any page on our website.

Go to a page
you want to share

You can invite a person to check out Noble Hire (our home page), see a specific job position (job page), research an interesting company (company profile page) or read an interesting article from our blog (article page).

Open invite

Next, open the page for which you’d like to create an invite link or send a personal invite.

Click/Tap on the Referrer dashboard (the icon with the 3 people on the top right corner) or click the Refer Candidate button if you are on a job position page.

Send personal invite

Finally, send a personal invite (Noble Hire sends the invitation email on your behalf) or get an invite link which you can email, share on social or post on your website.


What’s the difference between a personal invite and an invite link?

Personal invites are… personal. You enter a person’s email, tweak the suggested message to your liking and the platform sends the invite on your behalf. When the talent opens the invite email and clicks the invite link, Noble Hire automatically creates a user account for the person and you become the referrer of the person and are eligible for all hiring bonuses for that talent.

Invite links are non-personal. You can post them on social sites (LinkedIn, FB, Twitter), on your website, in your newsletter etc. When a person clicks the shareable referral links and later creates an account on Noble Hire, you get credited for the referral and are eligible for all hiring bonuses for that talent.

If a talent is invited by two different users, who gets the bonuses?

The referrer whose link has been clicked last before user registration receives the bonuses.

When do I get paid after a successful hire?

You get paid 6 months after the person gets hired. If the talent leaves work before the 6 month mark, we don’t get paid and you don’t get your cut.

Can I invite people if I’m not sure they’re looking for a job?

Sure thing – they don’t need to apply for a job straight away, just create an account through your invite. We’ve actually seen that people who are not actively looking sometimes find a good job match and apply soon, anyway.

Can I earn referral bonuses for inviting people who already have accounts on Noble Hire?

No, you can’t. You earn bonuses only for hires from people who create their accounts through your referral/invite links.

I have an IT oriented website/newsletter. Can I invite people to Noble Hire?

Absolutely. Get your invite links and post them on your website / include them in your newsletters. You can make money from your audience without knowing them personally.

How can I make the most out of my invites?

  • Invite everyone that you know who doesn’t have a Noble Hire account yet. Word is quickly spreading about our new referral model, so you need to act fast.
  • For the people you know: send personal invites and let the platform email them on your behalf.
  • For the people that you don’t know well but have a connection to: use the invite links. Post them on LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, your websites and newsletters.
  • Invite to the job-board or specific job positions the people who are actively looking for a new job straight to the job board or a position you think will fit them.
  • Use casual invites to the job board, / our home page, or a blog post to invite people who are not currently looking to change jobs. Just tell them to check us out. No pressure. Once they have an account, they can engage and apply whenever they decide to change jobs and you’ll get your referral bonus.

Invite people to join the Noble Hire platform and make 3,000 – 8,000 BGN every time they get hired

Our users make 3,000 – 8,000 BGN on average per hire for people they’ve invited.

It’s quick, easy and free. And then you can start inviting people.
See the open positions on our job board