Tenyks is a YCombinator University of Cambridge spin-out inventing the way humanity interacts with AI to protect and delight. To protect the world from the terminator, but also to ensure that AI is developed with passion, excitement, and joy! 

We are building an MLOps monitoring and validation platform that helps AI developers working with computer vision data to build more reliable software faster. Specifically, our platform helps ML developers understand what's wrong with their software and fix it. Imagine all of the tools you use to code, but for AI! 

At Tenyks we set our goals ridiculously high and stick together to go further than anything previously imaginable. We start small, work hard, and deliver fast, embracing the inevitable obstacles with open hearts because challenges fuel our burning desire for learning. Tenyksians make no distinctions between work and play. We simply pursue our vision of excellence, leaving others to decide whether we are working or playing. 

We are a remote-first team, consisting of 3 PhDs and 1 MPhil in Explainable AI that has now raised substantial seed funding from leading UK, EU, and BG investors (more on this soon!). 

Cambridge, UK2019
Sofia, Bulgaria2019
Jakarta, Indonesia2021
Bournemouth, UK2021
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Backed by YCombinator (YC'S21) [Top 3% start up founders in the world]
Graduated the Creative Destruction Lab (20% completion rate)
9 Top Conference Peer Reviewed Publications
Patent Pending Invention
Culture and perks
Make a difference
Build the next Google. Create the intelligence that will drive the AI revolution.
Be Challenged & Grow
Work on the hardest problems that block the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and experience exponential growth.
Take Ownership
Take charge of areas that will take you years to work on at big corporates. If you don't show up one day, our customers will notice.
Entrepreneurial Training
Joining at start up at its foundation is the best possible training you can have of becoming an entrepreneur.
Become a millionaire
When we win, you will become a millionaire!
A* players
Surround yourself with exceptional people. Our CTO finished his PhD in 1 year. Our Founding Engineer is the best Cambridge student of his year. Our CEO ran 4 businesses, while creating a patent pending invention.
Shoot for the stars ⭐️
We push the boundaries of the impossible, insist on the highest standard for our customers and go the extra mile for them.
Learn with zest 👨‍🎓⚡️
We are passionate about learning quickly, celebrating our victories, and reflecting on our defeats.
Be Anti-fragile 🍸📦
We grittily love constructive conflict because obstacles make us strong.
Great artists ship 🚢
Excellence never comes on the first attempt. We focus our attention to find creative ways to deliver.
Stay together 🤝🏿 and have fun 😃
Our team can depend on us in the darkest hour because we keep our commitments, we share honesty and succinctly, and we treat life as a game that has to be enjoyed!
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