Adatis is a data analytics and AI business working with a wide range of organisations to help them make better decisions, deliver better customer service and drive greater efficiencies and growth. We started as an idea in a bar in Houston, over 15 years ago. Today we are a Microsoft Gold partner, over 120 people and fast becoming recognised as a leader in everything from data strategy to analytics consultancy and data visualisation. In October 2021 Adatis was acquired by Incremental Group, taking the organisation and the value we deliver for our customers to another level. In March 2022 Incremental was acquired by Telefonica Tech powering the next phase of our growth.

What makes us stand apart is not simply what we do but the way we go about it. Our vision from the very start was to be the data analytics company most admired for its people, culture and innovation.

‘People First’ is more than just one of our values - our people (a.k.a Adati) will tell you how much they feel this is part of the culture and not simply when we’re on one of our away days! There are so many great stories in our business of people who have joined us and developed their careers, from interns to consultants, from consultants to principals – and beyond.

One of the best things about Adatis is the transparency of our career model where you have control over your development and progression, aided by at least one mentor and lots of great resources.

Our mantra is Achieve Together, and it’s clear we get things done by sharing, collaborating and supporting each other. In the words of another of our values, we really do ‘work with, not for’. That’s what makes Adatis special.

Now we hope you find the right opportunity for you.

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Microsoft Gold Partner
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Culture and perks
All Hands
We hold regular company updates where we inform our employees about everything that is happening in the business, providing transparency and seeking feedback.
Learning and Development
Employees have a tailored L&D plan with specified training courses as well as the chance to participate in external trainings too.
Mentorship programme
Employees have at least one mentor through their company career to guide them in their development and goals. They get regular 1:1 meetings with their mentor and chance to discuss their aims and objectives. The Career Matrix tailored to each department enables for clear visibility and transparency on progression. Your progression depends on you and your Mentor is there to help you achieve that!
Knowledge sharing
Half an Hour huddles, Internal workshops, team communication - knowledge sharing is vital to keep us sharp, informed and to enable people to contribute in everything they do.
Space Days
Spend time on R&D to innovate and learn new things. This is additional paid time given to you to spend on self-development and contribute to Adatis and your own progression.
Books Learning Budget
Employees get an unlimited budged for books to help them with their study and work development,
Microsoft certification
We help you get Microsoft Certified and pay for your Microsoft Exams.
Team Events
We hold 3 team building events per year.
Community events and Conferences
We encourage you to take part and visit SQL Bits - the largest Data Platform conference with over 300 sessions over 5 days. Data Saturdays in Plovdiv and Sofia are our other community events at which you will have chance to present!
Induction programme
Once you join Adatis, you will receive a tailored induction programme to be familiar with our way of working and to gain the initial understanding before joining a project.
Flexible and remote working hours
Work with us from anywhere in Bulgaria. We also offer flexible working hours.
Peer to Peer recognition
Nominate your peer for demonstrating our values and being a role model - this helps us foster supportive and respective environment with colleagues.
People First
People are at the heart of everything we do and we strive to provide an environment where everyone feels good and welcomed - from our flexible policies, friendly environment, open communication and regular feedback.
Learn. Grow. Innovate
We always look for a better way of doing things. Spend time learning new things, reflect, improve and innovate.
Work with Not For
We give autonomy and respect various opinions, invite multiple voices to create different perspectives. We encourage contribution from all levels and work with our customers as part of their team. We operate on a flat structure and no door policy.
Build with Heart and Balance
We maintain work-life balance practices to promote both mental and physical health across the company.
Listen and Challenge
Ask the right questions, be upfront with challenges - sometimes No is OK. Don't respect the status quo and be prepared to change.
Share & Be Transparent
Openness + Honesty = Trust. Share your time, knowledge, feedback. Present what you have achieved and teach others. We demonstrate honesty across all our processes.
Keep it simple in all things, don't over-engineer and ask ''Are we adding complexity''?
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