We are a fast-growing, boutique IT company designed to meet the modern challenges posed by the growing amount of data and their direct impact on the digital transformation of sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications and others.

We are the authorized dealer and reseller of SAS Institute with sales rights in Bulgaria, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia. SAS Institute is an American technology giant who has specialized in data science and is a global leader in the analytical solutions. Consumers of their products are most of the Fortune 500 companies and most of the governments in the developed economies.

бул. „България“ 102, 1618 Manastirski Livadi, Sofia, Bulgaria83
ul. "Georgi Benkovski" 37, 1000 Old City Center, Sofia, Bulgaria135
Бункера, р-н Витоша, ul. „Donka Ushlinova“ 2, 1766 кв. Малинова долина, Sofia, Bulgaria5617
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We specialize in the implementation and maintenance of SAS Institute products with clients of the largest banks in Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Serbia and the region. Our top products are the Analytical Data Architecture and Compliance and Fraud related solutions but we also specialize in Risk Management and Customer Relationship Management.

Our founders are not only startup veterans and reputable investors but they are fintech and technology gurus with numerous successful companies.

We are the boutique daughter company of our larger project who is focused on the SAS release and implementation (we are also Oracle and Microsoft partner).

Our company and SAS provide an unique opportunity which is to create and sell (included SAS royalties sharing) our own product so feel free to join us and develop your own product and pitch it to the world by using the global SAS sales force. Given that SAS and ADT are data centered company the possibilities are pretty unlimited.

Culture and perks
Remote work
We have decided to migrate from an office culture to "work wherever you want" culture. When needed we have our super sexy office though :).
Build your own product
With our tech giant tech partner at hand you can have the freedom to create your own product and sell it globally ;)
Bonus per project
We understand that annual evaluation is outdated - so we put the bonus milestones together with the project milestones :)
Health insurance
The best in town health insurance
Sport utility
We have the well known Multisport card at your disposal but we can also think of a different mean ;)
Sharing is Caring
We have unknown number of projects behind us - we come from different background and different roles - in order to grow we share! We share the learnings and experiences with each other - we can have it structured or holistic on professional & hobbyist topics.
Going out and above
Because we know that nature is best when there are no many people around -every now and then we will take a day off in the week and will go for a day-long team building in nature, hiking a new and exciting trail.
Customer first
Employee first
Team first
Sharing is caring
We build friendships
Lets try it
We are explorers - yet we are not patch workers :). Instead, we believe that long term solutions are a result of developed relationships, constant, mindful and often long term efforts.
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