B EYE is an innovative company that is established and based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We specialize in delivering state-of-the-art Business Intelligence and Modelling & Planning solutions. We partner with the world’s leading platforms in these areas – Qlik and Anaplan, in order to empower business users by transforming their corporate data into meaningful insights. Thanks to our consultants' expertise and the wide range of functionalities those BI tools offer, we are able to take care of large analytics environments with thousands of users, hundreds of data sources and tons of data to help corporations embed analytics and planning into their organizations.

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GTS Awards “Tech Growth Business of the Year” for 2018
GTS Awards “Tech Company of the Year” for 2019
Financial Times “Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies Ranking” in 2020
Career show's gold medal for "Best employer - small and medium enterprise" in 2021
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Culture and perks
Induction program
A well-established personalized induction program, which allows a newcomer to gain basic technical skills of the software that we are working with and to enhance their soft skills in a relatively short period of time.
We promote a healthy lifestyle by organizing different health initiatives - from online HIIT sessions with a coach, through nutritionist councelling all the way to anonymous psychologists appointments - we invest in our people’s well-being so that they can perform at their full potential and care for their physical and mental health.
To each of our new members is assigned an experienced colleague as a mentor, who helps them to learn, grow and start their career in B EYE smoothly. The mentor monitors their development, sets goals, gives advice whenever necessary, and provides constructive feedback.
Regular team building activities
We organize several company wide teambuildings throughout the year to bring people together and encourage collaboration and teamwork. There are also monthy mini teambuildings to promote the cooperation within each separate team.
Learning opportunities
We wish to support our team’s growth and development. Therefore, we provide them with different learning opportunities, including a library with technical literature to which new books, manuals, and materials are added regularly, a free access to several online educational platforms that offer courses for development of technical or soft skills, etc.
Holiday celebrations
We always have great celebrations for Christmas, Easter and all the big holidays. There are parties organized, secret santas and other gifts for our team members that make their time with us positive and irreplacable.
Environmentally friendly
We are responsible towards the environment and help others do the same. We understand how important it is to keep our planet clean and use just the enough amount of resources to preserve our environment.
Charity events
We provide funds and support to those in need. Changing the world around us for the better starts with a positive change in ourselves. We are committed to support our community by providing funds to children in need and participating in different charity events.
Transforming the Future
To be a leader in your industry requires energy, focus and a vision for the future. We are dedicated to transform the future by helping our clients harness cutting edge technology and expand their thinking.
Determined to Lead
Using our energy, focus and foresight, we have the vision to be at the forefront of the technological revolution. We lead by example, staying true to our beliefs, regardless of the circumstances, boldly facing any obstacle in order to create a better future.
Top Talents
We attract the top talents and involve them in the most challenging projects. We deeply value their enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism and we are determined to grow together.
Embracing Diversity
At B EYE, we believe that successful companies can only be built by bringing together people with diverse skills and ideas and providing them with the environment that allows them to succeed thanks to their own achievements. Therefore, our team is always open for new and challenging projects, as well as embracing our clients’ unique needs and ideas.
Consistently better than you expect
We constantly strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and empower them to harness the true power of their business, create a competitive edge and expand their market share.
Client Commitment
To us, each of our clients is special and receives our team’s utter dedication and loyalty. We always consider your unique needs and requirements, we study your business closely and always deliver to you superb services and products, that we would gladly use ourselves.
Leading Standards
We strive to achieve the highest standards in business and information technologies. We follow global leading standards and best practices for everything that concerns our clients, our processes and our people.
Agile, Quick and Responsive
Time is one of the most precious resources that we and our clients have and we value it and use it wisely. We believe in the power of cooperation, partnership and teamwork and we employ an open and easy to approach style. We have built a team of professionals, who are agile, creative, striving to perceive new challenges and ideas while putting our clients’ interests first.
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