How to Use Noble Hire to Source Talent


How to Use Noble Hire to Source Talent

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Technological development is changing the world, and developers and techies are at the very heart of it. They’re what allow companies to innovate and push the world forward.

There are, however, simply not enough techies out there. It’s common knowledge that there’s a shortage of talent, and the job-seekers get to pick. This makes it really hard for tech companies, such as yours, to find the right hires, even if they’re an amazing place to work.

To really get ahead of your competition & succeed as a company, you need to attract and maintain the very best talent. To do this, you have to show job-seekers what your company represents – what’s your culture like, what kind of benefits do you offer, how fun is your office, and so on. Using boring, traditional job ads on age-old job boards, however, doesn’t really get the job done. After all, you can’t really stand out if your entire company profile is a one-paragraph description.

That is why we created Noble Hire – an innovative job-board that’s changing how hiring works. If you’re a tech-focused company looking to super-charge your hiring efforts, we can help!

The job-board is based on 3 main functionalities…

Company Branding – To source the best talent, you need to have a company brand. We give you a framework that helps you to best present your organization.

Job Ads Reinvented – Traditional job ads are boring, overly complex, and in most cases, look like a copy-paste. We give you the tools you need to do this better.

Referral Mechanics – For each open position, you set a success fee. Then, our network of referrers will try to fill it in. You only pay for successful applications & referrals – not for thousands of resumes in your inbox.

In this article, we’re going to explain how each aspect of the job board works, why it works, and how you can use it to 10x your talent sourcing initiatives.

Company Branding Reinvented

Most job boards don’t allow you for too much customization. Heck, a lot of them only allow for a single paragraph description of your company. Even if your organization is an amazing place to work, you can’t really show it through a traditional job board.

You need to stand out, and that’s where we come in.

You can use Noble Hire to create comprehensive, engaging company profiles. We allow job-seekers to get an insider’s view of your organization, without even taking a step into the office.

You can display all sorts of information about the company, too, allowing you to get ahead of the competition. For example, you could mention different benefits that a specific role comes with…

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Or show how your work matters, and show off the impact your organization has…

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Whatever you’re trying to express about your company, Noble Hire allows you to do so.

Realistic Job Ads

Most job ads you’ll find on the internet are unrealistic. They’re more like wish-lists than anything else – you list out 10 core requirements and 10 responsibilities. This approach, however, lacks focus. To sell the position, you need focus – you need to convey the main aspects of the job, not what your dream employee looks like.

Our job ad format helps convey this much better (and really helps sell the position to job-seekers).

The format allows you to describe the job better & remove ambiguity (wait, so will I be coding in Node.js or Python?). You can list all the relevant additional information about the position – benefits, perks, the tech stack you’ll be using, management methodologies, and so on. You can even mention the team lead for each position. This way, candidates can look up who they’ll be working for and decide whether they’re a good match.

Referral Mechanics

It’s not a secret that the very best hires you’ll ever make are through referrals. If one of your employees makes a referral, chances are, they really think that the person they’re connecting is a good fit for the company.

In addition, you have better background information about the candidate, rather than reading one out of 200 other faceless resumes.

Most companies incentivize referrals through internal programs (an employee gets a reward if they make a successful referral). At Noble Hire, we believe that while the program does bring in results, it’s not enough.

We took the traditional, internal referrals system and super-charged it. Instead of just your employees, you can now also take advantage of recruiters, influencers, and well-connected professionals, by posting a single job ad.

The way this works is, you set a bounty for any given position (which is usually 2x their monthly salary). Then, our network of referers – recruiters, headhunters, influencers, and industry experts – help fill it in.

Getting Started – Request a Profile

Want to give Noble Hire a try & see for yourself how it can benefit your hiring efforts?

All you have to do is fill in the form here, request a profile, and we’ll get back to you on how to proceed. Once we launch the full job board in late March, you’ll be one of the first companies to benefit!

And you know what’s even better? You pay only for each successful hire (i.e. talent that stays in your company 3+ months). Creating your company profile & posting the jobs ads is free. For the positions that we don’t manage to fill, you don’t have to pay anything.

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