Noble Hire is HERE!


Noble Hire is HERE!

Noble Hire Team: We might seem a little bit tired - but that's because we are. The journey was totally worth it, though!

After more than 12 months of brainstorming, hypotheses checks, one-on-ones with industry experts, efficient production work, tons of coffee, blood, sweat, and tears… we are happy to announce the official launch of Noble Hire in Bulgaria!

What is Noble Hire…

Noble Hire is a referral-based job board that leverages the power of referrals and employer branding. The platform encourages companies to create engaging profiles and present themselves in the best possible way. The job ads contain extensive information about the position, benefits, project, team lead & culture. The platform allows people to refer their friends and acquaintances to open positions and, if successfully hired, gain a referral bonus of 2 gross monthly salaries!

How it all started…

One of our founders and CEO of Noble Hire, Georgi Ivanov, has always been interested in leveraging the job search experience for both companies and job seekers. This journey began when he and friends developed a platform which creates engaging CVs for job applicants and therefore increases their chances of being hired at the desired company. The platform is now known as Enhancv and is one of the successful Bulgarian startups, having attracted more than half a million users from all around the world and placed some of them in companies such as Spotify, Intercom, Facebook, Tesla, and Google.

Soon Georgi realized that while fixing the CVs of candidates closes one end of the spectrum, the other problem still remains – how does a qualified candidate know, for sure, that the chosen company would fit him? A question that could only be answered once the candidate joined the company.

What we want to fix…

Our team believes top talents are not easily approached, attracted and retained by top companies. We believe that intransparent and unattractive job listings are out of date and create a barrier for successful partnerships between potential employers and employees. It is through knowledge of the company in terms of its culture, office dynamics, projects, benefits and world view that a potential candidate could rightly identify oneself with the company.

How we fix it…

Here is where Noble Hire comes in. Browse through some of the best tech companies in Sofia and get insights you’d usually get on your first day of work – from details about the project you’d be working on, who your team lead and work methodology would be, to specifics about the culture & work environment.

See the open positions for each company and thoroughly read through the information – does that position suits you, or someone you know? Apply directly or refer someone you know and if the person gets hired get your fair cut – a cash reward ranging between 5,000 and 12,000 BGN.

Let’s join forces in bringing the right companies with the right people, together.

Get started with the job board here.

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  • Boris Borisov

    Sounds like a good idea, based on industry fundamentals. 🙂 Congrats to the EnhanCV team. Just try to not lose focus by working on two products going at the same time.

    /EnhanCV user and fellow entrepreneur 🙂

    • georgiivanov

      Thanks for the support, Bobi! Noble is a new company and Noble Hire is our first product. Surely Kaloyan & I were amongst the co-founders at Enhancv, but since last year our full-time focus has been on the new company. You’re right that otherwise it would have been a distraction to run both products, even though they’re logically connected.

  • Tsveti

    Sounds like a great idea !! Enjoy it, develop it, grow with it! Wish you success!!

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