20+ Interesting Product Companies Hiring in BG


20+ Interesting Product Companies Hiring in BG

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There’s something magical in working at a product company. For some, it’s the journey that matters – you get to help create something new, see software grow from an idea into a product used by people across the world.

For others, it’s the impact. In a product company, you can work on software that aligns with your personal values. You could, for example, be working at Ubisoft because you’re passionate about gaming.

Or, you might be big on futurism, helping companies like Endurosat make space travel possible.

Fun fact – you might not have known this, but there are a LOT of product companies hiring in Bulgaria. To make it easier to find a project you’d be interested in working on, we compiled this giant list of some of the ones that really impressed us.

Disclaimer: While we aimed to make this list as comprehensive as possible, we might have missed a couple of awesome companies. If your organization is doing something awesome, reach out to us and we’ll include you on the list!

Project Management Software


gtmhub screenshot

For a small organization, tracking OKRs (Objective and Key Results) isn’t hard. In fact, in most cases, a simple spreadsheet can get the job done – write down your company-wide goal, pick the right metrics to measure its completion, and you’re good.

For bigger companies, however, things get a lot more complicated. There are different goals and metrics for each department, which is then tied to the organization’s overarching goal. So, it’s not that surprising that the whole thing can get pretty hectic.

Gtmhub is a Bulgarian startup with offices in the US and Germany. The software makes it significantly easier to track OKRs company-wide.

You can find open positions at Gtmhub here.


kanbanize screenshot

Chances are, you’ve used a kanban board at some point in your career. Whether it’s a physical board in your office or a digital counterpart such as Trello, you’re all too familiar on how it works.

Kanbanize is, as the name gives away, is based on the same methodology. It’s basically Trello on steroids, with several more advanced functionalities.

If you’re interested in making work more efficient for professionals and organizations worldwide, you should definitely check out Kanbanize.

Gaming & Entertainment

Coherent Labs

coherent labs screenshot

Coherent Labs has 2 products – GameFace and Prysm, both of which are software for creating UIs for games. Gameface works with HTML5, while Prysm works with AdobeCC.

Some of the world’s most famous games have been made with Coherent Labs tech, including PUBG. The company is also partnered with world-class game dev organizations, including Microsoft, NCSoft, and many more.

You can find open positions at Coherent Labs here.

Imperia Online

imperia online screenshot

Imperia Online is one of the most popular online games conceptualized and produced in Bulgaria. It’s an online, browser-based, MMO strategy game. The player takes control of their own kingdom, building it up from scratch and waging war with other player’s nations.

Imperia online is produced by a company under the same name, which also developed and published several other games, such as Game of Emperors, Imperial Hero, and more.

You can find open positions at Imperia Online here.


assassins creed screenshot

If you’re into video games, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve played something by Ubisoft (and that something is probably Assassins Creed).

What you might not know, though, is that Ubisoft has a branch in Sofia, and are hiring for a whole bunch of different positions.

So, if you’ve wanted to jump into game development, Ubisoft is probably one of the best starts you can get in Bulgaria.

You can find open positions at Ubisoft here.


fite screenshot

Fite is Netflix for combat sports, with all kinds of content – MMA, kickboxing, wrestling and any other sport you might be into.

The company is Bulgarian-founded, with an office in the USA.

If you’re into combat sports, Fite is an awesome place to work.

HR Tech


majio-screenshotMajio is an applicant tracking software, a type of tool that checks how much a certain resume matches with a job opening.

Parsing / matching is done with NLP and machine learning, so if you’re  and are looking to get into HR tech, Majio is your best bet.

You can find open positions at Majio here.

Noble Hire (Us!)

noble hire job ad example

Noble Hire is an innovative job board, where you can learn everything you want about potential employers, such as…

  • What’s their culture like
  • Who you’ll be reporting to for any given position
  • Perks & benefits

…And so much more!

You can find open positions at Noble Hire here.



payhawk screenshot

For both employees and HRs, invoicing is a pain. Whenever you make any payment on the company’s expense, you need to get the invoice, bring it to the HR, and eventually get the reimbursement.

This creates a bunch of administrative work for the company employees and just makes the whole thing inconvenient for everyone.

Payhawk is an expense card for small businesses. Instead of dealing with invoices in the traditional way, everything is done automatically when transactions are made by employees.

You can find open positions at Payhawk here.


Paysafe is one of the best end-to-end payment solutions in the world. They handle just about any type of transaction, whether it’s in-store or online.

The company has a huge office in Sofia, with 1,000+ employees. If you want to work in a huge international organization with an awesome culture, Paysafe is the way to go.

You can find open positions at PaySafe here.


tradeo screenshot

With most brokers, to start trading, you need to have thousands of dollars in capital to start trading. In addition, you also need to go through a lengthy registration process, install specific software, and generally spend a lot of time getting up to speed.

Software tools like Tradeo making trading both faster and easier. You can get started with capital as small as 200 Euros, and all it takes is 5 minutes from registration to making your first trade.

Tradeo also offers educational content to help its users get started with trading, including e-books, articles, webinars and more.



carista screenshotIf you’re a car buff, you’ve probably already heard of Carista, a hardware / software product for vehicle customization and diagnostics.

The way it works is, you plug in the Carista adapter under the car dashboard, connect to it with a dedicated app, and voila! You get to control your car experience. You can control the car’s windows, locks, lights, and more through the app.

You can also diagnose any issues with the car through the app at any time.

Melissa Climate

smart ac screenshot

Melissa Climate is an IoT product developer.

They’ve created a handful of devices you can control through their app, such as…

  • Maya, a smart vacuum cleaner
  • Smart A/C controller (to pre-warm or pre-heat your home)
  • Smart radiator controller (to feel worm whenever you make it home)

And several more.If you’re passionate about IoT, Melissa Climate have a ton of open positions in Bulgaria.

You can find open positions at Melissa Climate here.



metrillo screenshot

Metrilo is an analytics platform for e-commerce, helping drive both sales and marketing.

The software tracks visitors from their first session on the website. Whenever the visitor takes any action, such as signing up or making a purchase, the software creates a detailed customer profile for them.

Metrilo user can then, accordingly, use the data for any type of marketing campaigns.

You can find open positions at Metrilo here.


perpetto screenshotPerpetto is an e-commerce recommendation software. Using statistical, behavior-based, and style-based algorithms, Perpetto can make accurate product recommendations to website visitors.

Dev Software


appzio screenshot

Application development ain’t cheap. To create a custom app, in most cases, you’ll need to hire an entire dev agency. In some cases, this can cost 10,000$ and upwards, even for a simple app.

For a lot of businesses, this can be really pricey.

Appzio, however, makes this process significantly easier. The platform comes with existing modules, components, and integrations, which can speed up development time 10x (making app dev significantly more affordable for your clients).

You can find open positions at Appzio here.


imagga screenshot

Imagga is an image recognition API. The software comes with several solutions, such as…

  • Adding tags on images
  • Automatically generating thumbnails out of images
  • Categorizing images based on content

And several more.



cubesat screenshot

Endurosat is a Bulgarian CubeSat manufacturer.

A CubeSat is, essentially, a small satellite in the shape of a cube. They help researchers and scientists conduct research in space.

If you’re passionate about space exploration, you should definitely check out Endurosat.


black swan dronamics

Dronamics is the developer of an innovative, unmanned cargo airplane, “The Black Swan.”

The Black Swan can fly up to 350 KG of cargo over 2,500 KM distance with 50% lower costs than other airplanes. The drone flys autonomously and can be controlled or monitored remotely via satellite.

The cheap use costs of the Black Swan makes it ideal for use in most developing countries.

Learn more about Dronamics here.

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