We design and implement robust,scalable cloud-native solutions that deliver performance, reliability and cost-efficiency.

Sofia, Bulgaria
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Cloud Solutions is a new-era consultancy company who is an accelerator for closing the technology gap through the adoption of AWS Cloud and the leading DevOps practices. Move your business into the future. We have been working in the cloud since the beginning and have gathered deep experience working with companies across a range of industries all in different sizes – from start ups to enterprises. We believe that the cloud is the greatest business transformation tool of our time and it’s our mission to provide the expertise, resources, and strategic insight to boost our customers' business transformation. We take expertise seriously and our engineers specialise in a wide array of services. We strive to continuously improve and learn new technologies, tools and techniques to provide better solutions.

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Culture and perks
Flexible Working Hours
Work in your most productive hours! We believe in results and customer satisfaction – the rest is up to you.
Flexible Office Policy
We enjoy the power of freedom and flexibility. Want to work from home or another country? Or maybe from the beach? No problems.
Fruit Days
Healthy food fuels good work. Fresh fruits are available in order to keep us motivated and energised for the daily challenges.
Team Unconferences
Feeling excited about a new technology or tool? Say no more! Just let us know and we will organize an event.
Personal Certification
Everyone in the team is free to choose from several certification paths, which are covered by us.
Evening Events
Whether we go outside for a karting, cinema, restaurant or to some SPA, we know how to have fun.
Free Resources
We have accounts in almost every online course provider to where you will be granted access in order to improve yourself.
Healthy Lifestyle
From time to time we like to challenge each other, be it to exercise more, cycling or joining our keto challenge.
Christmas Party
Every year we organize a Christmas party to celebrate our success at the end of the year.
Full Transparency
We believe that being transparent and honest strengthens our team and leads to better understanding and growth.
Constant Learning
We always look to improve ourselves and are open to learn from every experience that comes our way.
Continuous Improvement
We allow our team mates to unleash their full potential by enabling them to do what they’re good at, and filling up their weaknesses.
Open Communication
We believe in two-way communication and present opportunities for voicing constructive ideas for company changes in every way.
Friendly Environment
We surround ourselves with people we like and we support each other all the way.
Contributing To Society
We believe the small things matter too – we collect cap bottles and participate in various local initiatives.
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