Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose for which company and position to refer a potential candidate?

We recommend you to take a good look at all companies on our platform and their open positions to get a good sense of they their internal cultures are like and what they are really looking for. The more carefully you look at all the information they have provided, the more easily you will be able to come up with people who might be a good match for what they need.

Why are the referral bonuses different for the different companies and positions?

The exact amount of the referral bonus is formed based on the terms on which the potential candidate that you refer is hired. Usually, the company sets a range between which they will set these terms and this is how the referral bonus range is forms which you see on the referral form.

When do I receive my reward for making a successful referral?

This depends on the number of successful referrals you have made in the past 90 days. For more information please visit our Referral Model page and our Terms and Conditions.

What if I cannot think of anyone specific to refer for a given position at the moment?

On each job ad there is a link called “Share to Your Network” (below the Refer Candidate button) which generates you a personal link which you can share on social media or your other networks. If someone applies through this link and gets hired you will still get 20% of the initially set referral bonus for this position.

Can I refer someone through Noble Hire to the company I am currently working at?

Generally, yes, you can, but your reward will be formed based on the internal referral system of your company over which we have no control.

How is the referral bonus range formed and does it have a direct correlation to the salary which the company offers?

The referral bonus calculation depends on the number of successful referrals you have made in the past 90 days. For more information please visit our Referral Model page and our Terms and conditions.

Do I need to register on the website to apply for a job?

No. Applying for any job on Noble Hire happens directly by filling in the form on the given job ad page with the Apply button.

How can I find a job that fits me best in Noble Hire?

Simply go to the Job Board page and browse through all our companies and their open positions which you can filter by the most common job roles. We recommend you to go through the different pages of the company profiles that you find interesting so that you can get a better sense of what the company is like and see if it matches your character and needs.

How is Noble Hire different than other job ad platforms?

Noble Hire platform stands out in three main ways:

  1. All companies on our platform are hand selected and checked by us to be companies which give special attention to internal company culture and its people.
  2. Noble Hire profiles and job ads are very detailed both content-wise and visually so that they can show the best aspects of a company and give potential candidates the most accurate representation of what it is like to work there.
  3. All job ads include the Refer functionality which allows for people with big networks or experts in different fields to refer people who they believe could be a perfect match for a given position.

How do I create a Noble Hire profile for my company?

The first step is to go to and fill in the application form. After that, we will contact you and take you through the process of joining the platform and creating a profile with job ads for your open positions.

Do I need to give information about all the fields of the company profile and the job ad?

Most of the fields are optional but we recommend companies to provide as much information as possible so that potential candidates can more easily understand the culture of the company and the specifics of the job position which ultimately can be a huge time saver for all sides involved.