Humans in the Loop is a social enterprise which delivers dataset annotation and model validation services to the AI industry. We specialize in labeling for computer vision, including autonomous vehicles and robots, medical imagery, retail and agricultural applications, etc. We partner with NGO organizations in countries like Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and others in order to channel annotation work to conflict-affected and vulnerable communities.

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We are working on several platforms: a Labeling dashobard and interface which allows for the swift performance of dataset annotation with the use of automation; a Training Center which serves to train our workforce in a variety of skills for labeling, freelance work, and digital skills; and a Data Collection website where contributors from around the world can collect and submit images.

MIT SOLVE Winner 2020: Good Jobs and Inclusive Entrepreneurship
Dubai Expo Live Winner 2019: Global Innovators Program
Gulbenkian Foundation 2021: Microfreelancing and Annotation pilot in Portugal
Culture and perks
Impact-first culture
Our organization's activities are all tied to our social impact goals and the entire team is aligned with our mission
Frugal mindset
We prefer to spend money wisely and ensure each dollar is accounted for in a transparent way
Ethically oriented
We strive to deliver datasets which are built and annotated in an ethical way and to mitigate bias in AI
Get things done
We all work remotely or in a hybrid way and we don't care how long you work as long as you get things done
Our 10-person team has 7 different nationalities and we are all about meaningful connections with other cultures
We serve the people who are most in need of an opportunity for upskilling and professional experience and we strive to provide them with sustainable income
We harness the power of technology to upskill people and to connect them to opportunities to secure their livelihoods
We continuously improve and evolve our services to maintain our place at the forefront of the AI and ML industry
We recognize that our people will always be our most important asset and value their uniqueness, individuality, background and experience
We are recognized as leaders and influencers in our field of work and we are building a team of world-class professionals
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