Infoleven is a software development company based in Germany and Bulgaria. We create custom web and mobile applications as a service to our clients. We work with international customers with focus in Germany in the areas of Fintech, Green Energy and Logistics. We have diverse, interesting and complex projects with varying duration and tech stack. If you like to keep things interesting, challenging and dynamic, Infoleven could be your place! Get in touch with us to find out more :)
ul. "Biser" 16, 1421 g.k. Lozenets, Sofia, Bulgaria302016
Landsberger Str. 155/Haus 1, 80687 München, Germany22020
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Culture and perks
Great Place
A safe environment that allows you to experiment, learn, improve, grow and inspire others to do the same. Very positive & friendly people and atmosphere.
You have the freedom to choose from where, when and how to work. The freedom to share your honest opinion and ideas. The freedom to change and to be yourself.
Strong Team
Our team is experienced and very supportive. We care for each other, both during & after work. We have regular team gatherings, we love to have fun and we joke a lot :)
We are honest, we value transparency and we like the direct approach. We are far from perfect. We strive for continuous improvement as individuals, team and organisation.
Remote Working
Work from where it works for you. From home, from the office or another cool place – you name it! But we love to meet in person every now and then to have fun :)
Flexible Working Hours
As long as you keep your commitments, we trust you to organise your time as preferred. Early birds, night owls, fellows with a bunch of hobbies – please feel very welcome!
We constantly strive for improvement! Feedback keeps us moving forward!
We are not afraid to take accountability!
We strive for quality! We don't cut corners!
We keep our commitments!
We embrace challenges and get things done!
We believe in other people and that they are responsible and trustworthy!
As people we're all equal and every team member's opinion is equally important for us! We treat every person with respect!
We work in an environment of trust and safety!
We put our team before our egos! We support and count on each other!
And we love what we do!
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