Jarvis Network has pioneered an efficient manner to issue and exchange stablecoins on the Blockchain. We have successfully launched ten stablecoins on the Ethereum and Polygon network (EUR, BGN, CHF, GBP, CAD, SGD, PHP, XAF, XOF, FRF) with the goal of launching more every month and on more networks.

Sofia, Bulgaria2-102016
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$20M of volume on our Dex
$1M of volume on our fiat on and off-ramp
$6M of value locked (TVL)
+$1.3M raised
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Culture and perks
A very unique office
Our office represents perfectly who we are. Not fancy, but cozy, cool, unlike any other office.
We have a chat where we can freely speak about everything.
Daily contests
Multi-player video games such as Worms are an (almost) daily after-work activity. We have a leaderboard as well.
We use to go out to some pubs, compete in carting or organize movie night in the office.
Financial Education
We give to our people a small capital to manage, so they can better understand how to manage money, grow a capital, be more interested in finance, etc
Better do nothing than something not perfect. Our people need to rock in what they are doing.
Obsession with design and what is “beautiful”
Design, art, UI and UX is part of our brand, and our communication.
Trust over performance
Improving our performance is easy; finding very talented person is easy. Trust is a more rare asset. We are looking to build a CORE team.
Constant learning
Knowledge help us to find better features, understand the ecosystem we live in, the market we are targeting, etc.
Motivation to have an impact
We are working to make money, but also to have a deep impact on the world.
Risk taker and creativity
We like to take risk and do things differently.
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