At Payhawk, we’re building the financial system of tomorrow. Our mission is to simplify company spending and empower every business to reach its full potential by automating its payments and back-office work. We help finance teams manage credit cards, payments, expenses, cash, and invoices in one integrated experience. Our credit card and enterprise software power some of the most innovative and fast-growing businesses, like LuxAir, Scalable Capital, Flink, Gtmhub, Viking Life, and many more. 


We are disrupting the world of payments and reinventing the way businesses spend. Our vision is to become the world’s biggest bank without holding a single dollar.


We’re based in London, Berlin, Sofia, Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam and we serve customers in over 30 countries. We’ve raised more than $140M in funding from the investors of Stripe, Klarna, N26, Robinhood, Revolut, and Nubank. Our values include taking ownership and responsibility, seeking and providing feedback, managing constructive critique, and speaking your mind. There’s no hierarchy when we discuss plans and strategy — just good ideas and opportunities. We’re changing the world of payments, and we’re looking for an exceptional team to help us. 

London, UK
Barcelona, Spain
Aleksandar Malinov Boulevard 31, 1729 ж.к. Младост 1А, Sofia, Bulgaria
1st place at Paris Fintech Forum 2019 (organized by VISA and Wirecard) beating 50 other European fintech companies
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Culture and perks
Tennis and squash tournaments
We like racket sports. Close by there are tennis and squash courts making every day play possible if you’re up to the task.
Internal healthy lifestyle challenges
We like to challenge each other, be it to exercise more, snowboard or joining our keto challenge.
Regular food gatherings
Food gathers people since the dawn of time. We believe that sharing food makes a better team.
Charity campaigns
We regularly take part in the numerous charity campaigns that are organised by the Campus X team.
Empowers People
Encourages people to experiment, fail and learn every day.
Encourages Creativity
Every idea is equally evaluated regardless of where it comes from.
Value Each Other
Has integrity in its relationships.
Don’t follow trends blindly and not afraid to change things up.
People are free to choose who to follow as a lead.
Having Fun
Don’t take things too seriously. We know how to party.
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