At Presize, we've made it our mission to change online shopping for good. By 2023, we want to offer users 1 billion perfectly sized garments, saving hundreds of millions of hours otherwise wasted returning, preventing hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 emissions - benefiting users, retailers, and our planet. We are VC-backed, award-winning B2B2C SaaS startup on a mission to help save the 500bn$ fashion eCommerce market from its greatest problem: size-related returns. We leverage the latest insights and breakthroughs in Deep Learning and Computer Vision to measure users' bodies with a smartphone video to recommend them the perfect size across products, brands, and shops.
Munich, Germany322019
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Fashion eCommerce software that allows shoppers to scan their body within 1-2 minutes and get size recommendations for all products in the online shop. We reduce size uncertainty and the number of returned packages. This saves the shoppers' time, reduce the cost for shops, as well as prevent CO2 emissions - everyone wins.
100x user growth in 2020
3+ million Size Recommendations
2x personnel growth in 2020
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Culture and perks
Flexible working hours
We are results driven and we are flexibly accommodating
Personal development budget
Dedicated to growing your skills and knowledge base
Remote is the new default
Work from home or choose to come to the office, on-site or remote
Free Urban Sports Club membership
Try any sport you like, or double down on sports you already like, anywhere, anytime
Free drinks and snacks
On-site, or get a secret replacement perk if you work remotely
Top tier equipment
Latest gen Mac Book Pro or equivalent Windows/Linux machine, and more ;)
Excellence in what matters
We are our greatest critics, and we are always willing to go the extra mile and beyond. Our intrinsic definition of done is “when I am proud of the outcome".
Focus on impact​
We strive to create maximum impact for our customers and our users. We try to always look at things from the user’s or the customer’s perspective.
Take ownership​
We feel responsible for the results we deliver. If there is an unsolved problem, we voluntarily and proactively solve the task – we do not wait for somebody else to do it for us.​​
Be open-minded
We trust in our abilities, respect different perspectives, and are open to trying new things. We care about who you are and the work you do. That‘s why we had 10 different nationalities among the first 15 Presizers, and we embrace the diversity that comes with it.​
Embrace failure
We take calculated risks and accept that radical innovation is only possible through trial and error. We fail fast, get up again, and learn from our mistakes. Blaming others for failures is a “No-Go” for Presizers.
Seek growth​
We seek growth together and empower each other. We always try to learn and improve 1% every day. The only way to do that is by providing feedback to one another and helping others out.
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