Driven by the mission to simplify the management, optimization, and acceleration of any kind of digital content anywhere in the world, Scaleflex is a global leading B2B SaaS company developing powerful and scalable Digital Asset Management and Media Acceleration solutions.

Scaleflex provides scalable, reliable, and affordable Cloud services - to load, store, organize, optimize, publish and accelerate all media assets (images, videos, static files such as JS and CSS files, etc.) for the website or mobile application.

As a fast-growing international company, we are now 50+ passionate members, solving DAM challenges for more than 1300 customers worldwide, thanks to our scalable and flexible SaaS products.

We unite by technology passion, company culture commitment, and innovation freedom. We have become a digital leader and have achieved business excellence. We value and respect individual strengths as well as strong team spirit. Sharing is in our DNA: knowledge, experience, and ideas are open within our team.

We promote synergies originating in our cultural backgrounds, life stories, and skills.

ул. „Шипка“ 6, 1504 Център, София, България122019
21 Rue du Commandant Fuzier, 69003 Lyon, Франция102016
126 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Phường 6, Quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 70000, Виетнам172020
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Scaleflex's original product, Cloudimage, is an image management and acceleration API, helping developers to save time with image resizing and compression and marketers with accelerating page loading times for better SEO.

Based on customer feedback and use cases around media asset management identified in hundreds of customer round tables, Scaleflex launched its second product at the beginning of 2020: Filerobot. Filerobot is enriching Cloudimage with fast content ingestion, multi-location storage, automated workflows, cloud content collaboration features, and various Open Source plugins (Uploader Widget, Image Editor, …) for fast and powerful integrations with the Martech ecosystem. Filerobot fully embeds Cloudimage for fast publishing to users all around the world.

2021 Tech Award from the French Chamber of Great Britain
Top 100 Disruptive Startups by South Summit 2021
Reached 500 customers in 50 countries
Grew from 30 to 50+ global team members
Managing 100+ million digital assets per month
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Culture and perks
Scaleflex is all about digital, by default.
We can hire you (almost) anywhere in the world, even we have entities in 3 main destinations - France, Viet Nam and Bulgaria. You are always welcome to be part of our awesome team, whether as a consultant, part-time freelancer or on a full-time basis, either way you will be a Scale-Hero!
At Scaleflex, the most important thing is not where you come from but where you want to go, and especially how! Traditional team silos are broken and team members are involved in cross-functional activities to allow everyone to learn as much as possible.
Every year we all meet up in a cool location where we can work and have fun together for the whole week. That’s part of our company culture and to make everyone feel connected. Add to this an obvious taste for speed (karting, skiing), travel (Europe, Asia and more) and team sports (basketball first), you obtain a great company culture and turf to thrive.
Books, training, certificates
Tell us what you want to read, train or certificate on and we will order it for you. One of the criteria we have is that you have to share a presentation review when you are done.
Regular all hands and weekly standup collaborations. Scale-Heroes always sync with each other.
SSS - Scaleflex Sharing Session
Sharing your technical or domain knowledge to the team, once or twice per month.
DAM it!
Аs a growing global multicultural company, there are no obstacles in front of us to improve our products, to facilitate and bring happiness to our thousands of customers in the Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Media Acceleration field.
We are all passionate about technology, growth, and customer service. We build software to make our users happy.
We are the first users of our software. Thus, we are committed to making them reliable, efficient, and scalable.
No freedom = No innovation Our team is free to innovate, use technologies of their choice and take initiative.
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