ST6 is an elite team of software craftspeople. We deliver expertise and consulting services in the fields of software development, DevOps, cloud technologies, scalable and sustainable architectures, lean methodologies.

Sofia, Bulgaria11-502017
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Culture and perks
Q Gatherings
With the aim of ​​full transparency, we organize Q gatherings, all-day events where we talk about strategic plans, share valuable knowledge and cover the progress of each circle. During this day we also enjoy delicious food and fun games. 🙂
Weekly knowledge sharing
Еvery week someone on the team talks about something that intrigued them and would like to share with others. Constant knowledge sharing brings seemingly endless benefits to our organization. It increases social interaction, leads to creative problem-solving techniques and preserves pre-existing knowledge. This enables our people to stay at the forefront of technologies and trends.
ST6 Appreciation Board
Cheers from peers! It is a way to acknowledge the unique qualities that a person brings to a team, colleagues can say thank you or compliment their fellow teammates.
ST6 is organized into circles. Every circle has their own piece (domain) – a circle’s area of activities and decision-making authority. Our circles: Organization, Operations, Office, Consulting, Project sub-circles, BizDev, Recruiting, Branding and Strategy. You can participate in any circle you are passionate about.
Consent-driven decision making
A circle process for decision making. We believe that consent rather than consensus propel an organization forward. Instead of making decisions only after explicit approval, we organize and run our internal initiatives on the basis of lack of objections.
Mezze-o-clock every day
Every afternoon we socialize and unwind in the kitchen, enjoying assorted charcuterie, fruits, coffee and tea, or just each other’s company.
Friday lunches
You can catch up, socialize, and explore new food joints during the regular company-covered team lunches.
Team culture
Get to know your team, grow trust and friendships, and have fun on team buildings and smaller team events
Strive for Excellence
We aim to make a difference in everything we do. We never settle. We lead by example. Our trademark is technical and personal excellence.
Grow from Failure
We pursue continuous improvement. We nurture an environment that celebrates success and embraces failure as equal opportunities to grow and excel. Our calling is to help individuals and organizations push past the comfort zone and evolve.
Empower Through Transperancy
We open all information internally by default. We equip everyone with knowledge, resources, and support to help them take control of their tasks and achieve their goals. Our belief is that trust and sharing push the entire organization forward.
Act as One
We stay true to who we are and don’t wear masks. We treat everyone with respect and honesty. We put our egos aside and play as a team. We move forward through consent. We are focused in the same direction and act towards a common goal on any level: from company to personal. Our foundations are consent, respect, sincerity, and integrity
Company Mantra – Craft with Passion
We absolutely love what we do and have fun doing it. We don’t tinker, we craft supreme software solutions. Our creed is “dedication and joy in everything we do”.
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