We are a Value-Based Digital Marketing consulting agency for B2B growth-stage companies supported by the leading technology VC funds. We aim to build long-lasting relationships with both our clients and our vendors allowing us to create the most value for our clients. Internally, our objective is to build a world-class team able to deliver marketing services using a top-of-the-line digital toolstack.

Campus X, Aleksandar Malinov Boulevard №31, 1729 g.k. Mladost 1A, Sofia, Bulgaria202018
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Culture and perks
A Fun Place to Work
Having fun and enjoying life is a major part of our attitude to life.
Knowledge College
In order to share learnings and experience with each other, our team meets every month for Knowledge College sessions on professional & hobbyist topics.
Culture Nights
We love having fun together – from theatre nights to festival outings, once a month we try something new and exciting together.
Nature Outings
Every now and then we will take a day in the week and go for a day-long team building in nature, hiking a new and exciting trail.
Passion for Life
Within our team you will find sports enthusiasts, paragliding pilots, foodies, filmmakers, space fans, nature lovers, musicians, health coaches and even food critics.. We are multidimensional people and appreciate all passion for life. Based at CampusX and the heart of the local tech scene, we share the fun, lively and dynamic environment that welcomes all dreamers.
Growth Mindset
If learning is a big part of your DNA, we definitely want to talk. We believe knowledge and intelligence is something you attain rather than attune, and are constantly hungry to get more.
Infinite Game Mentality
We are not part of the quick fix mentality. Instead, we believe that relationships and success is the result of constant, long term effort.
Extra Stretch
Stretching is good for the body and the mind. We believe that stretching ourselves in everything we do helps us grow even faster.
More Than Digital Marketers
We nurture growth consultants, not digital marketers. Knowing Google & Facebook is nowadays not sufficient to create value for the client. Our approach is to understand their business, turn their objectives into actionable metrics and build scalable digital growth models.
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