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Wacom is the world’s leading provider of Innovative Digital Technologies, sharing 35 years of creativity and technology leadership with its many users, customers and partners. Our products and services are used by industry leaders in cinema and 3D animation, manga, industry design, digital art, game development. Wacom also supports leading enterprises in medical, education and financial services as well as leading IT partners with innovative user interface technologies and solutions.


Wacom Global Software Technology Research and Development Ink Division was established in 2012 with main forces in Bulgaria, UK & US. Today our growing office in Sofia with more than 50 employees promotes new digital ink standard by developing applications, web and cloud solutions that help our customers to create, store and share their notes, sketches and creative ideas.

ul. "Osogovo" 38-40, 1303 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria1983
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Wacom Bulgaria Award for Best Team Wacom Bulgaria won an award from Wacom Co., Ltd. for Best Team. The recognition was given as result of our hard work and dedication developing of Inkspace Ecosystem. The ceremony took place during the annual new year start meeting in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Wacom Six Red Dot Awards 2018 We are really happy that Wacom has won six Red Dot Awards 2018 for outstanding product design. Designed to inspire are DTH-2452 pen & touch display, Bamboo Tip, Wacom Cintiq Pro 24, Wacom Cintiq Pro Engine, Wacom Intuos and Bamboo Ink.
Wacom Red Dot Award for Signature products Wacom has won the coveted design award from Red Dot for two of its Signature products. Both the Signature Pad STU-530 and the Signature Display DTU-1031 convinced the 40 member expert panel of their outstanding product design, beating off competition from over 4,000 other entries.
IR awards Wacom received the “2007 Disclosure New Face Award” and the “2011 Disclosure Award” by Tokyo Stock Exchange, and the “2012 Best IR Award for Small to Medium Sized Capitalization Companies” by Japan Investor Relations Association.
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Culture and perks
Charity events
We embrace charity initiatives that have meaning and value for our society. Whenever there is a purposeful idea presented like collecting of plastic caps, Baba Marta charity market or Christmas auction we are spreading Wacom charitable spirit to support it. The picture presented is from our Christmas charity auction when the local team was challenged to prepare homemade foods or to bring special handcrafted gifts. More than fifty goods were carried and were traded between our mates. The money collected was donated for children in need.
Beer buildings
February 2019 was the 6th Birthday of our Beer building – building driven strongly by our people. Traditionally this event is happening at the end of every month in different places in and outside Sofia depending of the season. We are inviting all the employees, family and friends to join us and everytime is unlikely night. What stays constant for us is of course the beer.
Kids Adventures
The kids are our life power, our source of daily inspiration, our better future. For a creative company they are the ones that bring a different source of imagination, curiosity and adventures. At Wacom we value them as part of our working culture as well so often you can see children painting or running around. We have also the good traditions to invite them as special guests for Halloween, Christmas and of course 1st of June celebrations.
Company moments
Like every company we have those special moments when we are having our Summer or Christmas parties. We are trying to bring different format and activities every time – ‘build your own boat’ concept, karaoke contest, Wacom’s nomination, escape rooms and treasury hunting are some of past episodes that we have already experienced.
Wacom organizes Inkathon designed to help digital ink developers get together to test WILL™ for themselves. We invite developers to participate at any stage of their project, so that they can convince themselves about the technology and the opportunities it creates, and share ideas about how best to realize them. Since 2015, over 600 developers have taken part, so why not join them?
50,000 Yen Challenge
Internal program that encourages each member’s passion to learn about their interests and support to enhance their creativity activities. Everyone in our organization is able to apply for 50,000 yen investment for their passionate hobbies or keen interests. The picture presented below is showing a school room equipped with Wacom devices – this is a personal project of colleague who won the program with the purpose to support the high school students with their digital education.
Tech Leadership Campaign
The purpose of this initiative is to promote innovation and encourage all Wacom members to think freely. The company is welcoming solicit ideas on new technology, business model, products/services, etc. Up to 10 individuals or groups are awarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes with the appropriate funding to each venue.
Global Wacom Talks
Wacom talks is a series of internal events where Wacom colleagues share ideas, insights and inspirations with their colleagues. Each session features four talks under one theme and lasts for one hour. This is a brand new idea that aim to open the dialogue among our colleagues on global scale and to boost the individual recognition.
Dream big with passion
We believe in dreaming big. Having a vision of what could be – a huge ambition and then committing ourselves to making that real with all our heart, mind and energy.
Love and inspire customers
We love our customers. It inspires us when they tell us they love our products. They motivate us to do all we can to inspire them.
Live to innovate
We are here to innovate. We enjoy creating new ideas, finding better ways to do things and making the world a more creative place.
Dare to lead
We are ambitious and courageous. We pursue excellence, set new standards and go beyond them.
Enjoy working together
We believe in teams. We enjoy challenging each other and working for a common purpose – OneWacom and amazing results.
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